Subway – Guardians of the Galaxy Instant Win Promotion


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For their summertime $5 Footlong promotion, SUBWAY® Restaurants was partnering with Marvel’s new superhero film, Guardians of the Galaxy to drive drink purchases. Our assignment was to produce an on-cup promotion in support of the program. But with the movie premiering a month after our promotion launched – and Guardians being a lesser known Marvel story – we had to bring the film to life, before it opened, to drive purchase frequency.


Realizing that low awareness of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic could be an advantage, we played off public intrigue around the characters in the film by allowing SUBWAY customers to unlock the Guardians crew in an instant win microsite called “Enter the Galaxy of Fresh.” We also added a short-term loyalty component so customers could earn
a free movie ticket.


Each unique cup code unlocked a different character from the film, as well as exclusive bonus content. And when SUBWAY customers unlocked all five crewmembers, they earned a free movie ticket. To bring in additional consumers, we offered a free code via email and on social platforms that users could redeem for a chance to instantly win prizes,
and unlock their first crewmember.


Instant win prizes included $5 SUBWAY® Cards, e-movie tickets, e-concession cash, Planet Fitness Memberships, and Free Subs for a year. But each code also automatically unlocked a Digital Marvel Comic Download, making ‘every code a winner.’


Nearly 620,000 codes were entered, and 66% of registered users opted in to receive ongoing communication, indicating that the large portion of participants were interested in engaging with SUBWAY® beyond this one promotion.