Pepsico – Lipton SUNdays Instant Win Promotion


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For their summer 2014 on-cap promotion, Lipton wanted to reward its target audience – families with busy schedules – in a completely different way. The goal was to offer customers something more meaningful and memorable than traditional prizes; something that would add value to their lives.


Normal promotional incentives like vacations and product giveaways were too expected, so Lipton partnered with the virtual assistant company Fancy Hands to surprise and delight customers with a completely unique kind of prize: more free time!


As part of Lipton’s summer thematic brand media campaign, we gave consumers a chance to instantly win an extra “SUNday” whenever they opened a bottle of Lipton Iced Tea. Each winning code was redeemable for “minutes” that the virtual assistant company Fancy Hands would then apply to doing their chores, errands, and any other burdensome or time-consuming tasks, leaving them with more free time – just like winning a bonus Sunday!


After registering via Facebook, Twitter, or an email account, users entered their cap codes from specially marked Lipton Iced Tea bottles for the chance to instantly win 30, 60, or 120 minutes toward a task. The more winning codes they entered, the more minutes they accrued, and the more time-consuming tasks Lipton would take off their plate. The website also served as a redemption portal, allowing winners to use their minutes toward specific task categories like research, travel scheduling, wedding planning, daily chores, etc., along with specific examples for how they could spend the minutes they’d won. Each code entered also earned users a Sweepstakes entry for a chance to claim the Grand Prize: a 1-month trial membership to Fancy Hands, plus 12 months of free maid service – a whole year


Giving away the Fancy Hands service in the form of ‘free time’ was a huge hit, with an average of 7 codes entered per user during the promotion. Mobile entries represented 40% of all site visits, with a whopping half million entries overall.